Contactless handling

Touchless Automation invented a tool capable to move a component from point A to point B without touching it.

This novel technology allows to manipultae components of any material. This is due to the physics behind the technology itself, that exploits a combination of air streams and pressure to allow the levitation of the components.

Our technology especially suits the requirements of fragile and contamination-free components and it now applied in industrial machines for the photonics, micro-optics and semiconductor industry.

Micro assembly

With a strong team experience in watchmaking, high precision manufacturing and micro-technologies, Touchless Automation offers multiple solutions for micro assembly.

The company has expertise in design, fabrication and assembly of both integrable modules and fully automatic machines. Starting from your process needs, the team can develop innovative system concepts, test their feasibility, design the system, produce it and utimately provide a turn key solution.

The possibility of doing all parts of the projects in house allow for faster execution, better results and lower managment issues for the customer.

Automation and machine vision

Touchless Automation can leverage on the strong expertise in automation of its team. The company has already supplied automatic systems to a wide range of industries, always pushing for greater precision and process quality.

To better satisfy customer demands the company has increased also its skills in the fields of machine vision and automatic defect recognition. Dealing with micromechanical and photonics components, the customers always push for more and more perfection.

The possibility to automatically inspect the components, without even the need for touching them, is an unbeatable advantage.