Our story

Touchless Automation is a high technology company located in Biel, Switzerland, in the very core of the Swiss Watch Valley.
With an innovative technology, able to manipulate components without any mechanical contact, the company attracted interest from multiple industries since the very beginning. As of today, the company has successfully completed projects in fields with very different background, from Photonics to Watchmaking, passing through Medtech and Semiconductor testing equipments.
The company roots can be found within the Luxury Watchmaking industry and its focus on perfection and quality remained even when the business shifted more towards more diverse applications.
One of the most advanced Touchless Automation’s products, Levio, is the embodiement of such attitude. A machine which handle and inspect the components in the most delicate way, designed with attention to every detail and with top level automation systems.

Fabio Depetris, CEO, presenting Touchless Automation to Johann Schneider-Ammann, former President of the Swiss Confederation, at EPHJ 2017.

Our future

Touchless Automation is now serving customers across 3 different continents and plan on expanding its presence worldwide, to be able to provide fast and reliable support.
The current product offering, started with desktop systems, had been enriched with stand alone automatic machines and special solutions.
The core engineering team is constantly working side by side with customers to provide product improvements, explore new applications and push the boundaries of our technology.


Industrial partnerships

Sabato Microtec is one of the Swiss leading manufacturers of high precision, complex micro technical parts and assemblies, with over 30 years of innovative technology. Their expertise includes micromechanics, tools and fixtures, micro-automation, machining, EDM, milling machine and many more.
Sabato Microtec is in charge of the fabrication of the most precise mechanical components present in Touchless Automation’s products. As additional value, they play an active role in micromechanics consulting, to improve the product’s quality, functionality and design.
Aatec is a swiss company specialised in producing automatic equipment for SMT applications. Their decennial experience in high precision automation, ingeneering and mechanics made them the best partners for transforming Touchless Automation technology in reliable and efficient automatic machines. Levio Sorting, a fully automatic contactless pick and place machine, is the first machine born from this partnership


European Commission: Touchless Automation has received a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 grant of 50’000 €, as well as the European Commission seal of excellence.
European Space Agency Business Incubation Center: being featured in acceleration program with free coaching and a 200’000 € grant.
Foundation for Technological Innovation: which awarded a 150’000 CHF interest free loan.
VentureKick: Touchless Automation has won the VentureKick support, consisting of a 30’000 CHF grant and free consultancies.
Bern Economic Development Agency: supporting Touchless Automation with a 50’000 CHF grant.
Innosuisse: Touchless Automation is a featured in the Core Coaching program, with access to professional coaching, free consultancy for up to 60’000 CHF and extensive training.
IMD Startup Competition: Touchless Automation has won the opportuntiy to work side by side with the EMBAs by IMD Business School and fly to Silicon Valley with them.
Venture Leaders in Technology: Touchless Automation is in the Swiss National Technology Team 2018 and has been featured in an intensive incubation program in Silicon Valley.
Venture Leaders China: Touchless Automation has been selected for in the top 10 Swiss startups and will participate in a roadshow in China in summer 2019.
W.A. de Vigier Award: Touchless Automation has been selected in the 10 finalists for the prestigious award.
Switzerland Innovation Park: featured in the HighFlyer program of beAdvanced, with access to their FabLab facilities, coaching and consultancies.
Pionierpreis 2018: Touchless Automation was a candidate for the PionierPreis 2018 from Zurcher Kantonal Bank and Technopark Zurich.

Technology parters