Contactless handling equipments for the most delicate and fragile components.

Touchless Automation produces innovative industrial equipment that can manipulate parts of any material, without touching them.

These equipment are designed for the manipulation, assembly and inspection of optoelectronic, MEMS and micro-optical components.
Touchless Automation peak product, Levio, is a fully automatic die sorter which can pick up components from a wide range of adhesive tapes. The automatic inspection system can then analyse the component and place it into different carriers and trays.

Levio – Automatic contactless handling


Every production have particular need.


For R&D and low batches production.


Fully automatic die sorting contactless machine.


Touchless Automation technology is based on a combination of different microfluidics phenomena, that allow the component to be gently levitated and manipulated.
This approach allows to handle any material and a wide range of different sizes and shapes.

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