Touchless Automation invented a tool capable to move a component from a point A to a point B without touching it.

This solution allows manipulating components of any material, in a delicate way that was impossible until today.

The possibility of handling any material is due to the innovation of the technology itself, that exploits a combination of air streams and pressure to allow the levitation of the components.

Our solutions especially suit the requirements of fragile and contamination-free components whose significant rejection rate is caused by standard contact-based pick up tools.

Experience the Touchless

Contactless demonstration

Pick & Place demonstration
Contactless manipulation of 2mm x 2mm chips. Each component is gripped, carried and released without being touched.

Autocentering demonstration
Thanks to the autocentering effect, the 2mm x 2mm chips are automatically aligned with respect to the orientation of the gripper tip. Therefore, no further systems or processes are needed for the alignment of the handled components.

3D Assembly demonstration
Three 2mm x 2mm chips are easily stacked one on top of the other with very high precision.

Laser diode contactless handling demonstration


Since its very first moment, Touchless Automation technology has been able to gather attention from a wide range of industries and markets.

The first one to notice were the Swiss Watchmakers, with their great attention on quality and precision, but soon other domains such as Semiconductor and Aerospace came.

Today, Touchless Automation is building a value proposition able to target different industries with a common set of values. The Touchless Automation Paradigma is the first example of a machine that could easily fit in laboratories and production facilities of all of the industries interested.

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