News and Events

ESA BIC Switzerland Demo Day

Touchless Automation has presented to ESA BIC Switzerland Demo Day. A great opportunity to showcase our technology and meet interesting partners.

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2018

Touchless Automation will be present at DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2018 next week in the Swiss Delegation, sponsored by Nomads Foundation and ESA BIC Switzerland.
We are proud to be part of the delegation!

Winners of VentureKick II

Touchless Automation has won Venture Kick II, with a 20k CHF prize and getting access to the final stage in 2019.
Congratulations to the whole team!

ESA BIC event at Biel Innovation Park

Touchless Automation has been invited as speaker to ESA BIC Switzerland event in Biel the 5th July at Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne.
During the event there have been talks by great personalities such as José Achache (former ESA director, now Managing Director of AP-Swiss) and Nanja Strecker (Managing Director of ESA BIC Switzerland).

Read the summary of the event on the news, together with an interview to Maurizio Migliore, Touchless Automation COO!

EPHJ Geneva 12-15 June

Touchless Automation will exhibit at EPHJ in Geneva, at stand K99.

They the first contactless platform will be presented worldwide: Paradigma.

This platform would allow to perform contactless operations such as sorting, inspection, palletizing, assembly and other.

Come visit us and see it for real!

SEI Torino Forum

Touchless Automation has been chosen amongst the top European startup to attend the SEI Torino Forum by the School of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SEI).
The event had an amazing panel, with personalities such as Matt Cohler (General Partner of Benchmark), Reid Hoffmann (Co-Founder of LinkedIn and Partner of Greylock), Alex Karp (Co-Founder and AD of Palantir Technologies), Xavier Niel (Founder of Free, Ecole 42, Station F and investor with Kima Ventures), Diego Piacentini (Italian Government Commissioner for the Digital Agenda), Daniel Ramot (Co-Founder and AD of Via), Peter Thiel (Co-Founder of PayPal and Partner of Founders Fund) and Riccardo Zacconi (Co-Founder of King Digital Entertainment).

Politecnico di Torino

Maurizio Migliore, COO at Touchless Automation, will be speaking today at the Politecnico di Torino for the ICT Day event.